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Hologres:Product lifecycle policy and Hologres versions

Last Updated:Apr 27, 2023

This topic describes the lifecycle management of Hologres, including the product lifecycle policy, the version discontinuation policy, Hologres versions, and the dates of the general availability (GA) and end of service (EOS) milestones for each version.

Background information

Upgrades and phase-outs of product and service are universal in the software industry. So is Hologres. As Alibaba Cloud constantly optimizes Hologres, the features and architectures provided by Hologres become more diversified, powerful, and user-friendly. However, an earlier Hologres version may fail to meet specific business requirements. The service performance, such as stability, usability, and compatibility, may also be affected as time passes. Therefore, later Hologres versions are a must to provide you with high-quality services. Lifecycle management of Hologres, such as regular upgrades, helps you master up-to-date technologies that empower your business. Before a later Hologres version is released, factors such as business migration, upgrade costs, service stability, and long-term IT planning are all considered. To provide you with enterprise-level service capabilities and information about service evolution, Hologres adopts a lifecycle management system that specifies the product lifecycle policy and version discontinuation policy. The following sections provide detailed information about Hologres lifecycle management. You can read these sections to get prepared for regular upgrades of Hologres.

Product lifecycle policy

Product lifecycle policy regulates the specifications for lifecycle management of a Hologres version from the time when the version is released to the time when the version is discontinued. The following figure shows the lifecycle of a Hologres version. RLP


Full name


Time point



General availability

A Hologres version is officially released.

Month T

After the GA date of a Hologres version, you can use Hologres of this version in the production environment.


End of service

A Hologres version is discontinued.

Two years after Month T

After the EOS date of a Hologres version, the version is no longer updated and no more new minor versions are provided.


After the EOS date of a Hologres version, technical support for this version, such as Q&A, problem resolving, and Service Level Agreement (SLA)-based compensation management, is no longer provided.

  • You will be notified of the GA or EOS date at least three months before a Hologres version is released or discontinued. The Hologres version will not be released or discontinued at a time point before the notified date.

  • If a serious defect is found in a Hologres version, the Hologres team performs the version control operation to fix the defect and release a new compatible version at the earliest opportunity. This helps prevent risks such as security problems or data inaccuracy caused by the defect.

Description of version numbers

Each Hologres version is identified by a version number that consists of two parts in the Major.Minor format. The following list and table describe the Major and Minor parts in the version number format.

  • Major: the number of a major version is increased when features have major changes or new features are added. The one or more numbers in this part are increased based on the impact of the feature change.

  • Minor: the number of a minor version is increased when features are optimized or specific known defects are fixed. The digit in this part is increased if multiple improvements are made.

Version type


Change in the version number


Major version

Features in Hologres have major changes or new features are added.

The one or more numbers in the Major part are increased.

Version 1.1.21 is upgraded to version 1.3.38. In this example, the Major part is increased from 1.1 to 1.3.

Minor version

The compatibility of features is improved or specific known defects are fixed.

The number in the Minor part is increased.

Version 1.3.24 is upgraded to version 1.3.38. In this example, the Minor part is increased from 24 to 38.

Milestones of existing Hologres versions

The following table describes the GA and EOS dates of each existing Hologres version.





















To be determined

Service commitments and suggestions

  • Compatibility

    • Alibaba Cloud does not provide a guarantee on the compatibility between major versions of Hologres. However, Alibaba Cloud makes efforts to maintain the compatibility of the program logic, SQL syntax, and interfaces between different major versions of Hologres. Alibaba Cloud also provides documentation or after-sales service notifications for possible incompatibility.

    • Alibaba Cloud commits to the compatibility of the SQL syntax, interfaces, and engine framework between minor versions of the same major version of Hologres. The compatibility in some aspects such as the business logic and data processing of a program is not guaranteed. We recommend that you upgrade the Hologres service to the latest minor version of the major version that you use. This helps you maintain service compatibility.

  • Defects

    We recommend that you upgrade the Hologres service to the latest version to fix defects. For example, if the Hologres version that you use is V1.1.33 and the latest version is V1.3.40, we recommend that you upgrade the Hologres service to V1.3.40.

    You can also read topics such as Release notes to learn about feature changes and results of defect fixing.

Related services and notifications

Alibaba Cloud provides the following services and notifications to involve you in the lifecycle management of Hologres:

  • Plans the lifecycle of each Hologres version and notifies you of the planning during service consultation and using.

  • Sends notifications to your Alibaba Cloud account to notify you of the GA and EOS dates. The notifications are sent in the form of announcements, internal messages, emails, or text messages at least three months before a version is released or discontinued. Note that you can receive notifications only if you use your Alibaba Cloud account to activate Hologres.

  • Helps you analyze the potential risks to your business that is deployed on a version of Hologres and provides solutions until the version is discontinued.