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Hologres:Use scenarios

Last Updated:Jul 12, 2024

Hologres is a next-generation Alibaba Cloud real-time data warehouse. It is compatible with PostgreSQL and integrates seamlessly with the big data ecosystem. Hologres supports real-time and offline data. You can connect Hologres to third-party Business Intelligence (BI) tools to analyze data in a visualized manner. This topic describes typical scenarios in which the core features of Hologres are used.

Hologres is typically used in the following scenarios:

  • Construct a real-time data warehouse.

    Business data is written to Realtime Compute in real time for extract, transform, load (ETL) operations. Then, you can use Hologres to query data in real time and export data to a third-party analytics tool for real-time analytics. Examples:

    • The data department wants to construct an Alibaba Cloud real-time data warehouse for displaying data in real-time on dashboards and creating real-time reports.

    • The O&M and data application departments require real-time monitoring, real-time exception detection and alerting, and real-time debugging.

    • The business department requires real-time risk control, real-time recommendation, real-time effect analytics, and real-time training.


  • Accelerate queries on data in MaxCompute tables.

    After business data is written to the offline data warehouse MaxCompute, you can accelerate queries on data in MaxCompute by using Holorges or import data to Hologres for queries. You can also connect Hologres to BI tools to analyze offline data in real time. Examples:

    • Query offline MaxCompute data in real time.

    • Analyze offline MaxCompute data and generate reports.

    • Apply offline MaxCompute data for online use. For example, expose your table data over a RESTful API.


  • Perform federated analytics on offline and real-time data.

    Business data is divided into hot data and cold data. Cold data is stored in the offline data warehouse MaxCompute, whereas hot data is stored in Hologres. You can use Hologres to perform federated analytics on offline and real-time data. You can also connect Hologres to BI tools to respond to business requirements of simple and complex queries.联邦