Compatible with PostgreSQL, Hologres enables you to query and analyze MaxCompute data and query the data written in real time. It also allows you to perform federated analytics on real-time and MaxCompute data. Hologres helps you construct a real-time data warehouse for your enterprise.

To meet your requirements for a real-time data warehouse, Hologres improves the efficiency to develop data warehouses and simplifies operations by innovating in the following aspects:

  • Real-time data processing

    Hologres supports real-time data writes and updates. You can view the data the moment after it is written, without the need for batch processing. Hologres is integrated with Flink and Spark to help you develop high-throughput, low-latency, modeled, and high-quality real-time data warehouses. This way, it meets your real-time requirements for business insights.

  • Interactive analysis in sub-seconds

    Hologres supports interactive analysis in sub-seconds for large amounts of data, without the need for pre-computing. It also supports diversified types of data analyses, such as multidimensional analysis, ad hoc analysis, query analysis, and accelerated queries on MaxCompute data, to meet your requirements for data analysis based on what you see is what you get. By using vectorization and intelligent indexing optimization technologies, Hologres surpasses open source systems in performance and concurrency.

  • All-in-one data services

    Hologres supports diversified scenarios such as multidimensional analysis, high-performance point queries, and data retrieval. It also supports load isolation, simplified data architectures, unified data access, and security policies.

  • Open ecosystem

    Compatible with PostgreSQL 11, Hologres supports standard SQL syntax and SQL development frameworks. In Hologres, you can connect to more than 19 mainstream business intelligence (BI) tools without the need to rewrite the tools, which improves efficiency. Hologres also supports data lakes and semi-structured data, such as JSON data. You can import data from Object Storage Service (OSS) or Data Lake Formation (DLF) to data lakes or warehouses with ease.

  • Accelerated queries on MaxCompute data

    Hologres allows you to accelerate queries on MaxCompute data. It is seamlessly integrated with MaxCompute, so you can directly query MaxCompute data in Hologres, without the need to export and import data. In addition, you can connect MaxCompute to BI tools and perform interactive analysis.

  • Separated computing and storage resources
    • Hologres uses a cloud-native architecture in which computing and storage resources are separated. This allows you to scale in or out storage resources and computing resources independently.
    • This architecture supports dynamic configuration changes and auto scaling. You can scale in or out Hologres resources based on your business needs. The more resources you deploy support the greater number of concurrent queries.