Before you use Hologres, you must purchase a Hologres instance. This topic describes how to purchase a Hologres instance by using an Alibaba Cloud account.


  • An Alibaba Cloud account is created.
  • Real-name verification is complete.

Background information

By default, the system sets the Alibaba Cloud account that is used to purchase an instance as a superuser of the instance. The superuser has all permissions on the instance.

A RAM user must be authorized by the Alibaba Cloud account before the RAM user can purchase instances. For more information, see Grant permissions on Hologres to RAM users. A RAM user can follow the same procedure as an Alibaba Cloud account to purchase an instance.


  1. Go to the Hologres product page.
  2. Click Buy Now.
  3. Select a billing method and set the parameters.
  4. Click Buy Now.
  5. On the Confirm Order page, verify the information about the purchased instance, such as the billing method, instance name, resources, and region. Read and agree to the terms of service by selecting the check box.
  6. Click Pay.
  7. Complete the payment on the Purchase page.
    After an instance is purchased, go to the Hologres console to view the instance information. For more information about how to use the Hologres console, see Overview.
    Hologres is compatible with PostgreSQL. You can connect to a Hologres instance from the PostgreSQL client for data analytics. You can also use extract, transform, load (ETL) or business intelligence (BI) tools to connect to a Hologres instance.