Data Map is a DataWorks module that you can use to manage the metadata and data assets of your business. You can use Data Map to view the details of metadata, view data lineage, and manage data categories. Data Map can help you search for, understand, and use Hologres data. This topic describes how to configure a crawler in Data Map to collect Hologres metadata as well as related operations.


  • Only Hologres V1.1 and later support Data Map. If the version of your instance is earlier than V1.1, submit a ticket or join the Hologres DingTalk group for technical support.
  • Data lineage information can be viewed 1 hour after the crawler is configured in Data Map.
  • The data lineage feature is available only in the following regions:

    China (Hangzhou), China (Shanghai), China (Beijing), China (Shenzhen), China (Hong Kong), and Singapore (Singapore).

Collect metadata

You can use the metadata collection feature to collect metadata from a Hologres data source to Data Map for centralized management. After the metadata is collected, you can search for and view the metadata in Data Map.

  1. In the left-side navigation pane, click Hologres.
  2. On the HologresMetadata Crawler page, click Create Crawler.
  3. In the Create Crawler dialog box, set the parameters in each step.
    1. In the Basic Information step, set the parameters as required.
      Parameter Description
      Crawler Name Required. The name of the crawler. You must set a unique name.
      Crawler Description The description of the crawler.
      Workspace The workspace of the data source from which you want to collect metadata.
      Data Source Type The type of the data source from which you want to collect metadata. The default value is Hologres and cannot be changed.
    2. Click Next.
    3. In the Select Collection Object step, select a data source from the Data Source drop-down list.
      You can collect metadata only from the Hologres instances that are associated with your workspace as compute engine instances. If no data source is available, associate a Hologres instance with your workspace. For more information, see Configure a workspace.
    4. Click Start Testing next to Test Crawler Connectivity.
    5. If the message The connectivity test is successful appears, click Next.
    6. In the Configure Execution Plan step, configure an execution plan.
      Valid values of the Execution Plan parameter are On-demand Execution, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and Hourly.
    7. Click Next.
    8. In the Confirm Information step, check the information that you specified and click Confirm.
  4. On the HologresMetadata Crawler page, find the created crawler and click Run in the Actions column.

Other operations

  • View overall data

    On the Overview tab of the DataMap page, you can view the statistical and table information of all Hologres databases that have the data collector configured in a region. For more information, see View overall data.

  • Search for tables

    Data Map allows you to search for tables by table name, table description, field name, and field description. You can also filter tables by category, project, and data source. For more information, see Search for and filter tables.

  • View the details of a table

    You can go to the details page of a table and view the details of the table, such as the basic information, output information, and lineage information of the table. For more information, see View the details of a table.