Lindorm Insight provides the health inspection feature for you to check the cluster status, shard status, and user behaviors. You can use the health inspection feature to view the basic information about a cluster, the storage usage of a cluster, and the details of hot shards and keys in a cluster.


You are logged on to Lindorm Insight of your cluster. For more information, see Log on to Lindorm Insight.


Important One-click inspection is a new feature that is available only in the upgraded console. Therefore, the One-click Inspection option is not displayed in the current version of console. If you want to use this feature, submit a ticket.
  1. In the left-side navigation pane of the Lindorm Insight page, click One-click Inspection.
  2. Select an IDC and a group, and then click Query to view the inspection report.

    The following table describes the sections included in the inspection report.

    Instance/Cluster Basic InformationThe type of the database and the IDC in which the database is deployed.
    Table/Database SpaceThe number of naming spaces and tables in the group, and the total size of all tables.
    Storage OverviewThe total storage capacity of the group, the storage capacity used to store table data, WAL logs, and other objects, and usage ratio of the cluster storage.
    Node OverviewThe number, generated traffic, and average response time of read/write requests sent to nodes in the group per second.
    topregionThe nodes and tables on which hot shards are stored, the list of hot shards, and the number of requests sent to access the hot shards per second.
    topkeyThe nodes, tables, and shards on which hot keys are stored, the list of hot keys, the number and generated traffic of read requests sent to access the hot keys per second, and the average response time of the hot keys.
  3. Optional:Click Export to export the inspection report of the current cluster.