After you purchase an Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing service, you need to go to the order details page and submit a ticket to contact the ICP filing expert that is designated for your order. Then, the expert checks your business requirements and starts to provide the service. This topic describes the service process of GoChina ICP Filing Assistant.

  1. You place an order.
    Log on to the product page of GoChina ICP Filing Assistant, click Buy Now to place an order, and then complete the payment. GoChina ICP Filing Assistant
  2. You contact the designated ICP filing expert.
    After you complete the payment, perform the following steps to contact the expert:
    1. Log on to the GoChina ICP Filing Assistant console.
    2. Find your order and click Details in the Actions column.
    3. On the order details page, click Service Consultation.
      Submit a ticket
  3. The expert checks your business requirements.
    After the ticket is submitted, you can inform the expert of your requirements for ICP filings. Then, the expert performs one of the following operations based on your requirements:
    • Apply for a new ICP filing:

      If you require a new ICP filing, the expert provides you with consultation about the process of ICP filing application and applies for an ICP filing on your behalf. You can prepare the required materials in advance. For more information about the required materials, see Preparation of ICP filing materials.

      • You need to prepare a domain name and an Alibaba Cloud instance hosed in mainland China for the ICP filing application. If you do not know how to register a domain name or purchase an Alibaba Cloud instance, contact the expert.
      • The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) stipulates that the website administrator must complete the facial recognition for authenticity verification by using the Alibaba Cloud app during the application. For more information, contact the expert.
    • Add Alibaba Cloud to the ICP filing information as a service provider or apply for an ICP filing for a new website:

      If you have obtained an ICP filing in mainland China through another service provider for a website, you can contact the expert to add Alibaba Cloud to the ICP filing information as a service provider.

      If you have obtained an ICP filing through Alibaba Cloud for a website, you can contact the expert to apply for more ICP filings through Alibaba Cloud for new websites.

    • Modify the ICP filing information or cancel an ICP filing:

      The relevant information for the ICP filing application may change, or you may need to cancel an existing ICP filing and then apply for a new one. In this case, you can contact the expert to modify the ICP filing information or cancel an ICP filing.

    • Resume website access or handle a special inspection: Your website may become inaccessible, or you may need to receive a special inspection on your website. In this case, you can contact the expert to seek help for troubleshooting or handling the special inspection.
  4. The expert provides the ICP filing service.
    After you submit your requirements, the expert starts to provide the purchased ICP filing service. You can check the service progress in the console. For more information, see View the service progress.
  5. You verify the results.
    After the ICP filing application is approved, the expert notifies you of the results for service acceptance. If you require other services, contact the expert.