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Global Accelerator:Scenarios

Last Updated:Jul 12, 2024

Global Accelerator (GA) is a global network acceleration service with flexible configurations for various scenarios such as gaming acceleration and application acceleration for multinational companies.

Gaming acceleration

In gaming, the experience of end users is negatively affected by the high latency, high packet loss rate, and frequent disconnections.

GA helps global gaming providers to drastically reduce end-to-end network transmission time and allow players to enjoy online games without any network jitters or latency. GA provides players with consistent and smooth gaming experience. The access points of Alibaba Cloud nearest to the players receive gaming requests and forward the requests to the target origin server through the internal network of Alibaba Cloud.


Acceleration for enterprise applications

For multinational corporations, their application services and enterprise data are deployed and stored in the countries where their headquarters are located. This makes their branch staff and business partners worldwide difficult to access the applications and data due to the high network latency and low transmission rate.

GA helps create a dynamic and secure network between a multinational corporation's head office and branch offices across multiple regions to improve transmission rate.


Accelerate connections to global Internet applications

Connections to applications over the Internet may have issues such as high latency and packet loss. These issues may affect the user experience.

You can use GA to accelerate connections to global applications over the Internet through the high-quality Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) bandwidth and global network of Alibaba Cloud.