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Fraud Detection:Overview

Last Updated:Dec 20, 2022

The decision engine of Fraud Detection provides a one-stop platform that allows you to perform real-time computing by configuring and running policies. The decision engine is developed based on Alibaba Cloud Realtime Compute and has undergone extensive testing in e-commerce, media, and transaction scenarios. Relying on the risk control engine of Alibaba Cloud, the decision engine helps you manage events for custom business scenarios, orchestrate complex policies in a visualized manner, associate multiple variables with events, and recognize risk scenarios. To use traditional risk control engines, you must have advanced knowledge of code development and algorithms. By contrast, you can use the decision engine of Fraud Detection even if you are not a developer or an algorithm engineer. You can also use big data and artificial intelligence algorithms together with the decision engine to create intelligent policies for digital business operations.

The following figure shows how to use the decision engine of Fraud Detection.


Purchase the decision engine of Fraud Detection

The decision engine of Fraud Detection supports only the subscription billing method. To purchase the decision engine, contact sales personnel. You can also go to the Fraud Detection buy page to purchase the decision engine.


Note: To deliver logs to Log Service within your Alibaba Cloud account, Fraud Detection must have permission to access Log Service. If you do not have the permission to access Log Service, refresh the page after you purchase the decision engine, and then click Authorize Now. This process authorizes Fraud Detection to access only the logs that are generated for the decision engine. Authorize Now