FPGA-based ECS instances are cost-efficient and offer extraordinary acceleration performance. Additionally, FPGA-based ECS instances allow the reuse of existing FPGA designs.

  • Delivery within minutes

    You can create FPGA-based ECS instances and customize dedicated hardware accelerators within minutes based on the elastic compute framework of Alibaba Cloud.

  • Extraordinary acceleration performance

    FPGA devices communicate with upper-layer applications through Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-E) 3.0. Dedicated FPGA hardware can be used to accelerate CPU-intensive computing so that the CPU resources can be reallocated to support higher traffic and throughput. You can also use advanced FPGA features to share address spaces for communications at a speed of up to 48 Gbit/s.

  • Cost efficiency

    You do not need to purchase FPGA devices or boards separately when you purchase FPGA-based ECS instances. FPGA-based ECS instances support the pay-as-you-go billing method. Pay-as-you-go FPGA-based ECS instances can be released at any time to keep development asset-light and minimize research and development costs.

  • Ability to reuse existing designs

    If FPGA projects are available, you can use the development environment and board support package (BSP) provided by Alibaba Cloud to import these FPGA projects to the cloud and use them on FPGA-based ECS instances. Alibaba Cloud provides mainstream development software tool chains such as Intel and Xilinx. FPGA-based ECS instances are compatible with Intel and Xilinx. You can choose the software tool chain that best suits your business and perform seamless migration.