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Financial Intelligence Engine:Pricing

Last Updated:Dec 25, 2023


One-time Set-up Fee

Standard unit price (USD/Per Transaction)

Resources Plan

Additional Professional Service

Main Functions

SMART AML Name Screening

US$ 36,000.00

US$ 1.50

coming soon

US$ 2500/day

Name Screening provides a watch list screening function for sanction, pep watchlist.

SMART AML Customer Risk Rating

US$ 36,000.00

US$ 1.25

coming soon

US$ 2500/day

Customer Risk Rating provides a risk rating function for both real time and batch processing.

SMART AML Transaction Monitoring

US$ 36,000.00

US$ 0.19

coming soon

US$ 2500/day

Transaction Monitoring provides a flexible rule-based engine for suspicious transaction monitoring and STR review.


1.For screening/customer risk rating request with the same information over multiple times within 365 days, it will be counted once.

2.For screening/customer risk rating request with the same information represented in multi-language, or same entity with multiple Ultimate Beneficial Owner/Director information, as long as the requests are send to Zoloz as a single API call, it will be treated as a single request.

3.Each End-User information Processed relevant to automated batch processing shall be counted as one Transaction.

4.Once the Customer confirms that the Subscription Services are ready to use, the date of such confirmation shall be considered as the Subscription Start Date(first day of the settlement period), unless stated otherwise in agreement.

5.Customized strategy or change request of product will be charged by man-days on a case by case basis.

6.Professional services such as TMS rule consulting, Customer Risk Rating Rule Consulting, will be charge separately by man-days.