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Function Compute (2.0):Use Function Compute to obtain weather data for smart home appliances

Last Updated:Feb 02, 2024

This topic describes the best practices for using Function Compute and Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform to obtain weather data for IoT devices.


  • Obtain information, such as the weather and environment index, for apps running on smart home appliances.

  • Intelligent connection of traditional home appliances.

  • Extended applications, such as smart irrigation and severe weather alerts in smart cities.

Solution overview

The following figure shows the architecture of the solution.


Process description:

  1. IoT devices connect to IoT Platform by using SDKs.

  2. IoT Platform forwards data to Function Compute by using rule engines.

  3. Function Compute calls APIs, such as weather APIs, in Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.

  4. Function Compute processes received weather data and pushes weather messages to IoT devices for processing.


  • Efficient access and support for various devices: Device SDKs are provided to connect devices to the cloud in an efficient manner. Devices around the globe can be connected. Devices on heterogeneous networks and in different environments can be connected over various protocols.

  • Powerful connection capabilities:Horizontal architecture scaling allows persistent connections to more than one hundred million devices and processes millions of concurrent connections.

  • High security: Multiple protection mechanisms are provided to ensure the security of devices in the cloud. The service availability reaches 99.9%.

  • Easy application setup: One-stop device management, real-time device monitoring, and seamless connections to Alibaba Cloud services are supported to facilitate the setup of IoT applications.

  • Low cost: IoT Platform is seamlessly integrated with Function Compute to allow the flexible use of cloud resources at reduced costs.