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Function Compute (2.0):Runtime environment overview

Last Updated:Mar 21, 2024

This topic describes the Java runtime environments in which you can write function code in Function Compute.

Background information

Unlike scripting languages such as Python and Node.js, Java code must be compiled before it can be run on a Java virtual machine (JVM). For Java, Function Compute has the following limits:

  • No support for code compilation: You can upload only developed and compiled ZIP packages or JAR packages. Function Compute does not support Java-based compilation.

  • No support for online editing: You cannot edit code online because code cannot be uploaded. You can submit code only by uploading JAR packages or using Object Storage Service (OSS).

Java runtime

Function Compute supports the following Java runtime environments:


Operating system


Java 11



Java 8



Function Compute provides the following dependency libraries for Java runtime:

  • com.aliyun:fc-java-core: defines information such as the handler interface and context objects used in a request handler.

  • com.aliyun:fc-java-events: provides the event types of common event sources.

  • FC SDK for Java: the official Function Compute SDK for Java.