This topic describes the release notes for Function Compute and provides links to the relevant references.

December 2017

FeatureChange typeDescriptionReferences
Integration with IoT PlatformNewFunction Compute can be configured as the backend service in the IoT Platform console. This can resolve the following issues in the IoT and smart home fields:
  • Delayed data processing
  • Large technical architecture
  • Lack of real-time auto scaling
  • High costs

If you use Function Compute as the backend service of IoT Platform, you can build serverless applications with high scalability in a cost-effective manner.

New version of the consoleNewA new version of the Function Compute console is launched. The new version of the console includes billing data and category-based navigation, a simplified interface, and a redesigned editing page that uses a navigation drawer. Multiple operations can be performed on each page. The new console has the following features:
  • Display of service calls
  • Display of the latest triggers
  • Display of the latest template details
  • Display of updates
  • Navigation drawers
  • More content in compact space
Entry point for Function Compute in the OSS consoleOptimizationAn entry point for Function Compute is added to the OSS console. Function Compute and OSS are integrated, which makes storage and computing interconnected. Trigger events for a function can be managed in Function Compute, and the events defined in an OSS bucket can be managed under the bucket. This greatly improves user experience. Deployment Package
New regionOptimizationFunction Compute is available in the China (Shenzhen) region. None

November 2017

FeatureChange typeDescriptionReferences
Support for Python 3.0NewThe Python 3.0 development environment is supported to improve developer experience. Overview

October 2017

FeatureChange typeDescriptionReferences
Log Service triggersNewLog Service triggers are supported. The following features are added:
  • Allows you to seamlessly integrates with Log Service.
  • Used as the backend service of Log Service.
  • Allows you to cleanse, compress, and extract logs.
  • Allows you to schedule event processing in Log Service.

September 2017

FeatureChange typeDescriptionReferences
Integration with TablestoreNewAccess to Tablestore is supported. Function Compute can be triggered when Tablestore tables are created, modified, queried, or deleted. This enables intelligent data processing. Use Function Compute
Function Compute for commercial useNewFunction Compute provides a serverless and fully managed environment in which you can write code and set execution conditions. Then, the code can be elastically and securely run when the conditions are met. Function Compute maintains servers and network resources and provides features such as message delivery and load balancing. Function Compute has the following benefits:
  • Code can be concurrently run on a large scale.
  • You do not need to configure servers, install software, or deploy containers.
  • Capacity configuration and scaling are automatic, and the system is loosely coupled.
  • Code execution is triggered by events.
  • Billing is based on the execution duration of functions, and you are charged only when functions are executed.
New regionNewFunction Compute is available in the China (Hangzhou) region. None
Four main templatesNewFour main templates are provided for key features such as tagging, crawler identification algorithms, and API Gateway response strings. You can use these templates to conveniently implement business logic. None

July 2017

Three sets of OSS template codeNewSample OSS template code is provided for developers to customize. This allows developers to get started with code development with high efficiency and reduces training costs. None
Support for Python 2.7NewThe Python 2.7 development environment is supported to improve developer experience. Overview

June 2017

FeatureChange typeDescriptionReferences
Access to API GatewayNewFunction Compute can be used as a backend service of API Gateway. None

May 2017

FeatureChange typeDescriptionReferences
API operation for querying the function code of the current versionNewThe GetFunctionCode operation is added to facilitate error analysis. None
New SDKNewYou can invoke functions from Java or Node.js programs. None

April 2017

FeatureChange typeDescriptionReferences
Function Compute for public previewOptimizationFunction Compute is ready for public preview. Function Compute is event-driven and serverless, and can automatically scale resources in milliseconds. None