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Function Compute:Public error codes

Last Updated:Nov 30, 2023

Error code

HTTP status codeError codeError messageDescriptionActions
403AccessDeniedAccessDenied: %s-diagnosis
400AdditionalVersionContainsMajorVersionadditionalVersionWeight %+v should not contain major version %dThe version weight includes the major version.diagnosis
409AliasAlreadyExistsalias %s of service %s already exists-diagnosis
404AliasNotFoundalias %s of service %s does not exist-diagnosis
404AsyncConfigNotExistsAsyncConfig for %s:%s does not exist.-diagnosis
412AsyncInvocationStoppedThe async invocation for %s:%s:%s has been stopped-diagnosis
502BadResponseBadResponse: %s-diagnosis
412CAExitedThe function either cannot be started or exited. %s-diagnosis
412CAFileNotFoundThe function cannot be started. %s-diagnosis
412CAFilePermissionThe function cannot be started. %s-diagnosis
499ClientClosedRequestclient Closed RequestThe client interrupted the request.diagnosis
409ConcurrentUpdateErrorConcurrentUpdateError: %s-diagnosis
500DestinationDeliveryFailedDestinationDeliveryFailed: %s-diagnosis
409DomainNameAlreadyExistsdomain name %s already exists-diagnosis
404DomainNameNotFounddomain name %s does not exist-diagnosis
400DomainNameNotResolveddomain name %s has not been resolved to your FC endpoint, the expected endpoint is %s-diagnosis
400DomainNameResolveErrorfailed to resolve domain name %s, make sure your name server is valid please-diagnosis
404DomainRouteNotFoundno route found in domain %s for path %s and method %s-diagnosis
400EntityTooLargepayload size exceeds maximum allowed size (%s bytes)-diagnosis
409EventSourceAlreadyExistsevent source %s already exists in service %s.%s and function %s-diagnosis
404EventSourceNotFoundevent source %s does not exist in service %s.%s and function %s-diagnosis
400FnF.InvalidOutputThe output (%s) is not a valid JSON object-diagnosis
409FunctionAlreadyExistsfunction %s already exists in service %s-diagnosis
409FunctionNotEmptyfunction %s has triggers. Please delete all its triggers before deleting the function.-diagnosis
404FunctionNotFoundfunction %s does not exist in service %s-diagnosis
404FunctionNotFoundByVersionfunction %s does not exist in service %s by version %d-diagnosis
412FunctionNotStartedThe function http server cannot be started. %s-diagnosis
404HTTPTriggerNotFoundthere is no http trigger associated with service %s, function %s and qualifier %s-diagnosis
404InstanceNotFoundinstance %s does not exist-diagnosis
500InternalServerErroran internal error has occurred. Please retry.An internal system error occurred.diagnosis
403InvalidAccessKeyIDinvalid access key ID %s-diagnosis
400InvalidArgumentInvalid argument: %sInvalid argumentdiagnosis
400InvalidDestinationResourcesThe destination resource is invalid: %s-diagnosis
400InvalidICPLicensedomain name %s has not got ICP license, or the ICP license does not belong to Aliyun-diagnosis
404LayerNotFoundThe layer is not found. LayerName: %s.-diagnosis
404LayerVersionNotFoundThe layer version is not found. LayerName: %s , Version:%d.-diagnosis
404LayerVersionNotFoundByArnThe layer version is not found. LayerArn: %s.-diagnosis
400LimitExceededErrorLimitExceededError: %s-diagnosis
400MissingRequiredHeaderrequired HTTP header %s was not specified-diagnosis
404OnDemandConfigNotFoundon-demand config for %s does not exist-diagnosis
400OSSInvalidRequestevent source oss returned error: %s-diagnosis
404PathNotSupported%s against %s is not supported-diagnosis
412PreconditionFailedthe resource being modified has been changedThe resource has been changed.diagnosis
409ProvisionConfigExistprovision config exists for service %s, alias %s, functions %s-diagnosis
404ProvisionConfigNotFoundprovision config not exist for service %s, alias %s, functions %s-diagnosis
412PullImageFailedFailed to pull image. %s-diagnosis
403RequestTimeTooSkewedthe difference between the request time %s and the current time %s is too large-diagnosis
429ResourceExhaustedConcurrent request count exceededThe number of concurrent requests exceeds the limit for the account or function.diagnosis
503ResourceThrottledResourceThrottled: %s-diagnosis
409ServiceAlreadyExistsservice %s already exists-diagnosis
409ServiceNotEmptyservice %s has active %s-diagnosis
404ServiceNotFoundservice %s does not exist-diagnosis
503ServiceUnavailablethe service is temporarily unavailableService unavailable.diagnosis
403SignatureNotMatchThe request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your access key and signing method.Invalid request signature.diagnosis
412StatefulAsyncInvocationAlreadyCompletedThe invocation (status: %s) has already been completed and cannot be stopped-diagnosis
409StatefulAsyncInvocationAlreadyExistsThe stateful invocation %s already exists.-diagnosis
404StatefulAsyncInvocationNotFoundThe stateful invocation for %s:%s:%s does not exist.-diagnosis
409SubdomainTriggerMappingAlreadyExistssubdomain %s already exists-diagnosis
404SubdomainTriggerMappingNotFoundsubdomain %s does not exist-diagnosis
503TargetServerErrorNeedsRetryTargetServerErrorNeedsRetry: %s-diagnosis
409TriggerAlreadyExiststrigger %s already exists in service %s and function %s-diagnosis
404TriggerNotFoundtrigger %s does not exist in service %s and function %s-diagnosis
415UnsupportedMediaTypecontent type should be application/json or application/octet-streamInvalid requested media type.diagnosis
409VersionAlreadyInUsethe version %d is already in use by alias %s. Please delete all the aliases that use this version first.-diagnosis
404VersionIsDeletedVersionIsDeleted: %s-diagnosis
404VersionNotFoundversion %d of service %s does not exist-diagnosis
400VersionPublishErrorcan not publish version for service %s, detail: %s-diagnosis
409VpcBindingAlreadyExistsVPC binding already existsThe VPC association already existsdiagnosis
404VpcBindingNotFoundVPC binding not foundThe requested VPC association does not exist.diagnosis