A Virtual Border Router (VBR) is connected to Network Intelligence Service (NIS) and supports the one-click diagnostics feature. The feature checks the configuration and operating status of a VBR and provides suggestions on how to resolve identified anomalies. You can use this feature to check the health status, configurations, quota limit, costs, and the details of past diagnostics.


  • NIS is activated. You can go to the service activation page and activate the service.
  • The AliyunServiceRoleForNis service-linked role is created. The system automatically creates the AliyunServiceRoleForNis service-linked role the first time you perform this operation. For more information, see Service-linked roles.
  • A VBR is created. For more information, see Create and manage a VBR.

VBR diagnostics

  1. Log on to the Express Connect console.
  2. In the top navigation bar, select a region and then click Virtual Border Routers (VBRs) in the left-side navigation pane.
  3. On the Virtual Border Routers (VBRs) page, find the VBR that you want to diagnose and click Diagnosis in the Actions column.
  4. In the Instance Health Diagnostics panel, view the progress, summary, and details of the diagnostic task.
    • The anomalies are displayed in this panel.
    • In the Diagnostic Items section, select Show All Diagnostic Items. All diagnostic items related to the VBR are displayed.

    You can also click Go to the NIS to view historical diagnosis in the Instance Health Diagnostics panel to go to the Network Intelligence Service (NIS) console, which provides even more diagnostic information.

    For more information about how to use the VBR diagnostics feature, see Work with instance diagnostics.

  5. After you view the diagnostics information, you can click Close.

Diagnostic items and details

Note The severity levels of the issues are indicated by the following colors:
  • Blue: Critical
  • Red: Major
  • Orange: Minor
  • Yellow: Info
  • Green: Passed
The following table describes the diagnostic items of VBRs.
Diagnostic itemDescription
Health Check Diagnostics
  • Health Check configuration: checks whether health checks have been configured for the CEN or VBR-to-VPC connection.
  • Loss of Health Check Probes: checks packet loss that occurs during health checks for the CEN or VBR-to-VPC connection.
Configuration Diagnostics
  • Physical Port Status: checks the status of the physical port connected to the Express Connect circuit.
  • Reachability Between Client IP and VBR: checks whether the customer data center-side IP address is pingable to the Alibaba Cloud-side IP address of the VBR.
  • BGP Connection Status: checks whether the BGP neighbor status on the VBR is Established.
  • VBR Connection Redundancy: checks whether redundant connections are configured for the connections from the transit router and the VBR, and from the virtual private cloud (VPC) to the VBR.
  • Optical Transceiver of Physical Port: checks whether the optical transceiver of the physical port works as expected.
Quota Limit Diagnostics
  • BGP Route Entries: checks whether the number of BGP route entries has exceeded the upper limit on the VBR.
  • VBR Packet Loss: checks whether packet loss occurred because the VBR is overwhelmed by traffic.
Cost Diagnostics
  • VBR Overdue Check: checks whether the VBR has overdue payments.
  • VBR-to-VPC Connection Overdue Check: checks whether the VBR-to-VPC connection has overdue payments.
  • Check for Overdue Payment of Physical Port: checks whether the physical port associated with the VBR has overdue payments.