Call the ListAckClusters to obtain the list of Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes ACK(Container Service for Kubernetes) clusters.


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Request header

This operation uses only the common request header. For more information, see Common request parameters.

Request structure

     GET /openapi/ack-clusters HTTP/1.1 

Request parameters

Parameter Type Position Required Example Description
page Integer Query No 3

Set the number of pages for the returned result.

size Integer Query No 20

The number of results that each page contains.

vpcId String Query No vpc-bp12nu14urf0upaf4****

The Virtual Private Cloud ID. where the ACK cluster resides

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
RequestId String F93EAA49-284F-4FCE-9E67-FA23FB4BB512

The ID of the request.

Result Array of result

The return results.

clusterId String c5ea2c2d9a3cf499481292f60425d****

The ID of the cluster.

clusterType String ManagedKubernetes

Cluster type, which supports only ManagedKubernetes, that is, Kubernetes clusters.

name String test

The name of the cluster.

vpcId String vpc-bp12nu14urf0upaf4****

The ID of the VPC where the source cluster resides.

The following parameters are also included in the returned data.







The header of the response.




The number of returned records.

Note └ indicates a child parameter.


Sample requests

     GET /openapi/ack-clusters?Page=1&size=20 HTTP/1.1 public request header 

Sample success responses

JSON format

     { "Result": [ { "clusterId": "c5ea2c2d9a3cf499481292f60425d****", "name": "test", "clusterType": "ManagedKubernetes", "vpcId": "vpc-bp12nu14urf0upaf4****" }, { "clusterId": "cdcee8be4e87a40e2a23fdbc1c24d****", "name": "cs", "clusterType": "ManagedKubernetes", "vpcId": "vpc-bp16k1dvzxtmagcva****" } ], "RequestId": "F93EAA49-284F-4FCE-9E67-FA23FB4BB512", "Headers": { "X-Total-Count": 2 } } 

Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.