When you connect on-premises and cloud applications, you may encounter issues such as connection timeout or request denial. This topic describes how to troubleshoot and fix such issues.

Can on-premises applications be connected to components in the cloud?

Yes, you can connect on-premises applications to components in the cloud. To do this, you must update Alibaba Cloud Toolkit to V2020.9.1 or later. After the update, you can forward all requests from the on-premises applications to the Spring Cloud Gateway, database, Redis, and message components in the cloud by using a jump server.

How do I troubleshoot on-premises and cloud connection?

You can use the quick diagnostics feature in Alibaba Cloud Toolkit V2020.9.1 and later to troubleshoot on-premises and cloud connection. You can obtain diagnostics results to troubleshoot issues such as startup exceptions to the etrans channel and service connection failure. You must update Alibaba Cloud Toolkit at your earliest opportunity.

How do I resolve the following error: SOCKS proxy:connect timed out?

If you used the lightweight configuration registry, you must delete its configurations after you enable the connection plug-in. Otherwise, the connection may time out.

  • Spring Cloud applications:

    Delete the following configurations:

  • High-speed Service Framework (HSF) application:

    Delete the following configurations from the hosts file:  jmenv.tbsite.net              

What can I do if a request is denied by the registry with the "code:403, msg: access denied" message returned?

The registry uses timestamps to ensure the security of service registration. If the local system time is invalid, the registry in the cloud denies the request. Adjust the system time and try again.