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E-MapReduce:What is EMR Workflow?

Last Updated:Aug 18, 2023

E-MapReduce (EMR) Workflow is a fully managed service that can be used to schedule workflows and tasks. This service is fully compatible with open source Apache DolphinScheduler. EMR Workflow provides easy-to-use scheduling services. You can manage workflows and tasks with ease based on a visualized operation interface and efficiently build data warehouses. This ensures that production tasks can be run stably.

Public preview

For more information, see Public preview of EMR Workflow.


  • EMR Workflow is an out-of-the-box service and free of deployment and O&M.

  • EMR Workflow provides stable and reliable cloud-native serverless services based on the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure.

  • EMR Workflow is compatible with the account system of Resource Access Management (RAM) and provides enterprise-level security and isolation capabilities.

  • EMR Workflow is seamlessly integrated with EMR clusters and various big data compute and storage engines, such as Hive, Spark, and Flink.

  • EMR Workflow provides API operations that are compatible with Apache DolphinScheduler. EMR Workflow also allows you to migrate the tasks created by using open source Apache DolphinScheduler and EMR jobs of the old version with a few clicks.


EMR Workflow provides the following features:

  • Support for various task types. EMR Workflow can schedule multiple types of tasks, such as SHELL, SPARK, and HIVECLI.

  • Visualized task editing. EMR Workflow allows you to create a workflow in a visualized manner. For more information, see the Create a workflow section of the "Manage a workflow" topic.

  • Real-time monitoring. You can use EMR Workflow to monitor tasks in real time and view logs. For more information, see the View or download logs section of the "Manage tasks" topic.

  • Scheduled task management. You can use EMR Workflow to create and manage scheduled tasks. For more information, see the Configure a scheduled workflow section of the "Manage a workflow" topic.

  • Exception-based alerting. EMR Workflow can generate alerts and send notifications if exceptions occur. This allows you to handle exceptions for tasks at the earliest opportunity. For more information, see the Create an alert instance section of the "Security management" topic.

  • File management. You can create and upload files in a visualized manner. For more information, see Resource management.