SmartData is a storage service for the E-MapReduce (EMR) Jindo engine. SmartData provides centralized storage and optimized caching and computing for EMR computing engines and extends storage features. SmartData consists of JindoFS, JindoTable, and related tools. This topic describes the updates in SmartData 3.5.X.

OSS storage scalability on JindoFS

The performance of deleting Object Storage Service (OSS) directories is optimized.


  • If JindoSDK for Java is used, JindoSDK logs are generated as Java logs to improve diagnostic performance.
  • Statistical logs of the memory used by JindoSDK are generated. You can view the logs to obtain information about the memory used by JindoSDK.

JindoTable-based computing optimization

Other JindoFS tools

Jindo DistCp is enhanced. The CloudMonitor service can be used to monitor and alert failed tasks. The dependency on Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) is removed. Cold Archive is supported when data is written to OSS. For more information, see Use Jindo DistCp.