The API service access address is as follows:
Region Endpoint
cn-hangzhou: China East 1 (Hangzhou) emr.aliyuncs.com
cn-beijing: China North 2 (Beijing) emr.aliyuncs.com
cn-shanghai: China East 2 (Shanghai) emr.aliyuncs.com
cn-shenzhen: China South 1 (Shenzhen) emr.aliyuncs.com
ap-southeast-1: Asia Pacific SE 1 (Singapore) emr.aliyuncs.com
us-west-1: US West 1 (Silicon Valley) emr.aliyuncs.com
others: other regions emr.[ RegionId].aliyuncs.com


We recommend that you send requests using the HTTPS channel for enhanced security.

Request methods

You can send requests using the HTTP GET method. In an HTTP GET request, parameters are included as part of the URL.

Request parameters

Each request must specify the operation to be executed, namely, the action parameter (for example, CreateDatabase), and each operation must contain the common request parameters and the specific request parameters of the specified operation.


Both requests and responses use UTF-8 for encoding.