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:How to set the intranet NTP time server for a classic network Windows instance

Last Updated:Dec 29, 2020

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This article describes how to set the intranet NTP time server for a Windows instance of the classic network.



If your Windows instance belongs to the classic network and only has an intranet IP address, you can follow these steps to use an intranet NTP time server.

  1. Open the control panel in Windows and locate the date and time settings.
  2. On the Internet time tab, click change settings.
  3. Select a server address that can be pinged from the following intranet NTP time servers.
  4. Click update now. After time synchronization, click OK to save the settings.
    Note: the IP address in the figure is the IP address of an intranet NTP time server. It is only used as an example. Use the domain name of the intranet NTP server in your actual situation.




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