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Enterprise Distributed Application Service:Logs

Last Updated:Jul 11, 2023

This topic shows you how to view the pod logs of an application.


Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) allows you to view the pod logs of applications in Professional Edition and Platinum Edition, but not in Standard Edition.

Go to the feature page

  1. Log on to the EDAS console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Application Management > Applications. In the top navigation bar, select a region. In the upper part of the page, select a microservice namespace. From the Cluster Type drop-down list, select Kubernetes Cluster. Then, find the application that you want to manage and click the name in the Application Name column.

  3. In the left-side navigation pane of the application details page, choose Monitor > Instance Details.

  4. In the left-side pane of the Instance Details page, select the instance that you want to view and click the Log tab on the right side of the page.


The Log tab displays the latest logs of the pod where the application is deployed.

Note You can view up to 5,000 latest logs.
On the Log tab, enter a keyword in the search box and click the Filter icon to filter logs.