You can go to the User Center to view the bills and consumption details of your Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) resources.


  1. Log on to the EDAS console.In the top navigation bar, choose Expenses > User Center.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Bill > Bill Details.
  3. On the Bill Details page, click a tab to view billing information. You can click the Filter icon icon next to Product Name or Product Detail to filter consumption details of your EDAS resources.
    • On the Consumption by Bill tab, you can view the orders during the billing cycle that you selected. You can also perform an exact search by entering the order number in the search box.
    • On the Billing Details tab, you can view billing details by statistic item and statistic period. The billing details include information such as billable items, usage, unit price, and deduction details of a specific service.
    • On the Usage Records tab, you can export a CSV file that contains usage details by setting the Product, Billable Item, Time Period, and Time Unit parameters as needed.
    • On the Summary by Quantity and Price tab, you can specify a billing cycle and view the pretax amounts payable, original amounts, and overdue amounts in different dimensions.