This topic describes how to view and increase the quotas for Elastic Compute Service (ECS) resources such as images, disks, and security groups.

Step 1: View resource quotas

  1. Log on to the ECS console.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the Overview page, click Privileges.
  3. On the Privileges & Quotas page, click the Resource Quota tab.
  4. Select a region and view the quotas.
    The quotas for resources such as images, disks, and security groups within the selected region are displayed.
    Note Your resource quotas may change based on the usage of your ECS resources.

Step 2: Increase resource quotas

  1. Find the quota that you want to increase and click Increase Quota in the Actions column.
    Note If you cannot click Increase Quota, this may be because the quota cannot be increased or because an increase request is in progress. You cannot apply to increase a quota while a previous increase request is in progress.
  2. In the Calculate Quotas and Request dialog box, specify the required parameters and click Submit.
    increase-res-quotaThe following table describes the parameters that you must specify.
    Parameter Description
    New Quota Enter your expected quota. The unit is based on the resource type.
    Reason Enter the reason of your request.
    Notify Adjustment Results If you select Yes, the system notifies you of the adjustment results by email.
  3. Click Quota Increase Requests in the Actions column to view the state of your request.
    • Approved: Your request is approved and cannot be revoked.
    • Forbid: Your request is rejected. You can click Submit Again in the Actions column and select Manual Approval.
    • Pending: You request is in progress. Please wait.