This topic describes how to obtain the image file of a Linux virtual machine (VM). After you properly configure a Linux VM, you can obtain the Linux image file generated for the VM.


  1. Open Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager and select a VM. Example:centos VM.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Choose Storage > centos VM.vhd.
  4. In the Information section on the right side, find the path of the disk file. Example: C:\Users\Administrator\VirtualBox VMs\centos VM\centos VM.vhd.
  5. Access the path to obtain the generated Linux image file.

What to do next

Only image files in the RAW, VHD, and QCOW2 formats can be imported to Elastic Compute Service (ECS). If your image file is in another format, you must convert the file to a supported format before you can import the file to ECS. For more information, see Convert the format of an image.