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Elastic Container Instance:Connect to an elastic container instance

Last Updated:Jul 01, 2022

This topic describes how to connect to an elastic container instance by using the Workbench in the Elastic Container Instance console. This topic also describes how to run a command to debug a container in the elastic container instance.


The container in the elastic container instance that you want to debug is in the Running state.


  1. Log on to the Elastic Container Instance console.

  2. In the top navigation bar, select a region.

  3. On the Container Group page, find the instance whose container you want to debug and click its ID.

  4. On the instance details page, click the Workbench Connection tab.

  5. In the dialog box that appears, select a container and a command type, and then click OK.


    • You can select a container that is only in the Running state.

    • For Shell commands, you can select a regular command such as /bin/sh and /bin/bash. You can also select Custom Command and enter custom command content. Example: /sbin/nologin.


    The system automatically selects the current instance. You can also switch to another instance. You can click the More Options button to view more configuration items. Then, you can select a resource group and a region to further filter instances.

  6. Enter and run a command based on your business requirements.


    By default, a Workbench remote session persists for 6 hours. If you do not perform operations for 6 hours, the remote connection is closed. You must reconnect to the instance.