This topic describes the release notes for E-MapReduce (EMR) V5.3.X, including the release dates, updates, and release version information.

Release dates

Version Date
EMR V5.3.1 September 2021
EMR V5.3.0 August 2021


  • EMR V5.3.1
    Service Description
    SmartData SmartData is updated to 3.7.1.
    Hue The issue that Impala cannot be used in a high-security cluster is fixed.
    Kudu Kerberos is supported.
    • The time required to restart HBase in a high-security cluster is reduced.
    • The issue that Spark 3.1.1 cannot be integrated with HBase is fixed.
    • The Graceful Stop process is optimized.
  • EMR V5.3.0
    Service Description
    SmartData SmartData is updated to 3.7.0.
    Spark The incompatibility issue between Spark and Delta Lake is fixed.
    Hive In JindoFS in block storage mode, the metadata of multiple Hive tables can be optimized at the same time.

    By default, this feature is disabled.

    Delta Lake
    • The partitioning feature of Delta Lake is supported.
    • The incompatibility issue between the DESC DETAIL command and Spark 3.1.1 is fixed.
    • Information about app IDs, CPU utilization, and memory usage is added to the REST APIs of containers for nodes.
    • The issue that the Application Master (AM) logs of an automatically released node cannot be viewed is fixed.
    • The issue that a cluster cannot be accessed due to historical state store data is fixed.
    • The data of a node that is automatically released based on the decommissioning logic of auto scaling can be deleted.
    • The Graceful Decommission logic of auto scaling is optimized. The node on which NodeManager runs is marked deprecated only after the NodeManager process is complete.
    ZooKeeper ZooKeeper is updated to 3.6.3.
    • The SmartData service is added.
    • Object Storage Service (OSS) can be accessed in password-free mode when you log on to a DataFlow-Flink cluster in SSH mode and submit a job in the cluster.
    Impala The issue that the LIST operation is repeatedly performed on directly deleted OSS partition directories is fixed.
    Hue The UI display exception that occurs when you use Hue together with Oozie is fixed.
    Kudu Kudu is updated to 1.14.0.
    ClickHouse ClickHouse is updated to
    Iceberg The Iceberg service is added. Iceberg 0.12.0 is used.

Release version information

Service Version
HDFS 3.2.1
YARN 3.2.1
Hive 3.1.2
Spark 3.1.1
Knox 1.1.0
Tez 0.9.2
Ganglia 3.7.2
Sqoop 1.4.7
EMR V5.3.0: 3.7.0
EMR V5.3.1: 3.7.1
Iceberg 0.12.0
Hudi 0.8.0
Delta Lake 0.8.0
OpenLDAP 2.4.44
Hue 4.9.0
HBase 2.3.4
ZooKeeper 3.6.3
Presto 338
Impala 3.4.0
Zeppelin 0.9.0
Flume 1.9.0
Livy 0.7.1
Superset 0.36.0
Ranger 2.1.0
Storm 1.2.2
ESS 1.2.0
Alluxio 2.5.0
Kudu 1.14.0
Oozie 5.2.1
Service Version
ZooKeeper 3.6.3
Ganglia 3.7.2
Service Version
ESS 1.2.0
Service Version
ZooKeeper 3.6.3
Ganglia 3.7.2
Kafka 2.4.1
OpenLDAP 2.4.44
Knox 1.1.0
Ranger 2.1.0