This topic describes the release notes for E-MapReduce (EMR) V4.5.X, including the release date and updates.

EMR V4.5.1

  • Release date

    December 13, 2020

  • Updates
    • The issue that occurs when you query partitioned tables by using Hive or Presto is fixed.
    • EMR V4.5.1 is available only in the China (Hangzhou), China (Shanghai), and China (Beijing) regions.

EMR V4.5.0

  • Release date

    December 7, 2020

  • New features
    Service Description
    EMR Remote Shuffle Service (ESS) ESS 1.0.0 is supported.

    For more information, see Overview.

    Hudi Hudi 0.6.0 is supported.
    Delta Lake Delta Lake 0.6.1 is supported.
  • Updates
    Service Description
    • Ranger is updated to 2.1.0.
    • Ownership-related permissions are supported.
    • Presto is updated to 338.
    • Metadata stored in Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Formation (DLF) is supported.
    Zeppelin Zeppelin is updated to 0.8.2.
    SmartData SmartData is updated to 3.1.0.

    For more information, see SmartData 3.1.x.

    Bigboot Bigboot is updated to 3.1.0.
    • Metadata stored in Alibaba Cloud DLF is supported.
    • Ownership-related permissions of Ranger are supported.
    Spark Metadata stored in Alibaba Cloud DLF is supported.
    DLF Metastore
    • The issue that Presto cannot be started in a high-security cluster is fixed.
    • Hive 3 and metadata cache are supported.
    • The issue that occurs when you query data by using Hive or Presto is fixed.
    Impala Custom configuration of parameters on the catalogd.flgs, impalad.flgs, and statestored.flgs tabs is supported in the EMR console.
    Tez Vulnerabilities related to autoDeploy on the web UI of Tez are fixed.
    OpenLDAP A rule that determines whether port 10389 is in the waiting state is added.
    Hue Security vulnerabilities of the MySQL backend are fixed.
    • Apache Kerby is updated to 2.0.1.
    • The issue that the kadmin principal of an external Kerberos cluster cannot be customized is fixed.
    • File formats such as Parquet, Avro, and ORC are supported.
    • Metadata stored in Alibaba Cloud DLF is supported.

Release version information

Service Version
HDFS 3.1.3
YARN 3.1.3
Hive 3.1.2
Spark 2.4.5
Knox 1.1.0
Tez 0.9.2
Ganglia 3.7.2
Sqoop 1.4.7
SmartData 3.1.0
Bigboot 3.1.0
Hudi 0.6.0
OpenLDAP 2.4.44
Hue 4.4.0
HBase 2.1.9
ZooKeeper 3.5.6
Presto 338
Impala 3.4.0
Zeppelin 0.8.2
Pig 0.14.0
Flume 1.9.0
Livy 0.6.0
Superset 0.36.0
Ranger 2.1.0
Flink 1.10-vvr-1.0.2
Storm 1.2.2
ESS 1.0.0
Kudu 1.11.1
Oozie 5.1.0
Service Version
ESS 1.0.0
ZooKeeper 3.5.6
Ganglia 3.7.2
Kafka 2.4.1
OpenLDAP 2.4.44
Knox 1.1.0
Ranger 2.1.0