This topic provides an overview of domain name tags of Alibaba Cloud Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN). Tags do not carry special definitions. Each tag is a key-value pair that is used to mark or filter domain names. You can use tags to mark, group, filter, and manage domain names.


Tags have the following limits:
  • Each tag is a key-value pair.
  • You can add up to 20 tags to each domain name.
  • Among the tags that are added to a domain name, the key of each tag must be unique. If two tags have the same key but different values, the later one overwrites the earlier one. For example, if you create the Key1:Value1 tag and then the Key1:Value2 tag for the domain name, only the Key1:Value2 tag is added to
  • A key cannot start with aliyun or acs:, contain http:// or https://, or be left unspecified.
  • A value cannot contain http:// or https://, but can be left unspecified.
  • A key must be 1 to 64 Unicode characters in length.
  • A value must be 0 to 128 Unicode characters in length.
  • Tags are case-sensitive.


Company information

A company added 100 domain names to DCDN. These domain names belong to e-commerce, gaming, and entertainment departments, and are used to provide services such as marketing, Game A, Game B, and post-production. The company has three O&M engineers: Alice, Tom, and Sam.

Create tags

To facilitate the management of these domain names, the company decides to use tags to group the domain names. The following table describes the key-value pairs that are used to create the tags.
Tag key Tag value
Department E-commerce, gaming, and entertainment
Service Marketing, Game A, Game B, and post-production
Owner Alice, Tom, and Sam
The company can add the preceding key-value pairs to the domain names. The following table describes the key-value pairs that are added to each domain name.
Note The domain names that are used in this topic are for reference only.
Domain name Value (key is Department) Value (key is Service) Value (key is Owner)
domain1 E-commerce Marketing Sam
domain2 E-commerce Marketing Sam
domain3 Gaming Game A Alice
domain3 Gaming Game B Alice
domain4 Gaming Game B Alice
domain5 Gaming Game B Tom
domain6 Gaming Game B Tom
domain7 Gaming Game B Tom
domain8 Entertainment Post-production Sam
domain9 Entertainment Post-production Sam
domain10 Entertainment Post-production Sam
Filter domain names by tag
  • If you want to search for domain names that are managed by Sam, filter domain names by using the following tag: Owner: Sam.
  • If you want to search for domain names that belong to the gaming department and are managed by Tom, filter domain names by using the following tags: Department: Gaming and Owner: Tom.


You can add tags to domain names, use tags to manage or filter domain names, and remove tags from domain names. For more information, see Manage tags.