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Last Updated: Dec 31, 2021

This topic describes the limits of ApsaraVideo Live and how to remove the limits.

Billing limits



How to remove the limit

Billing of live data transfer plans

Fees for live streaming traffic are deducted from live data transfer plans on a daily basis.


Querying details about resource plans

You can query only valid resource plans and resource plans that expired within one year.



If you pay by traffic, the maximum bandwidth is 10 Gbit/s.

Submit a ticket.

Bandwidth throttling

According to the Product-Specific Terms in the Alibaba Cloud International Website Product Terms of Service, if the billing method for network usage of your domain name is pay-by-traffic or pay-by-bandwidth and the peak bandwidth within one minute reaches 10 Gbit/s, Alibaba Cloud enables bandwidth throttling for the domain name to prevent attacks from harming your network or affecting your business.

To disable bandwidth throttling, contact Alibaba Cloud customer service or submit a ticket.

Feature limits



How to remove the limit

Domain name for CDN

  • If the acceleration region of your domain name is global or Chinese mainland, the domain name must have an Internet Content Provider (ICP) number. For more information, see Domain name ICP filing.

  • By default, you can add up to 20 domain names for CDN to ApsaraVideo Live within each Alibaba Cloud account.

Submit a ticket.

Live stream ingest

  • By default, each domain name for CDN supports concurrent ingest of up to 20 live streams that are not transcoded.

Submit a ticket.

  • ApsaraVideo Live does not limit the bitrate of ingested streams and supports common resolutions and bitrates. To prevent stuttering during stream ingest, we recommend that you use a bitrate that is not greater than 4 Mbit/s.


User-Agent blacklist and whitelist
  • You cannot configure User-Agent blacklist and whitelist in the console due to cumbersome configurations and risks of misoperations.

Submit a ticket.

Video encryption (Alibaba Cloud video encryption and DRM encryption)

  • Videos can be generated only in the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) format.

  • The encrypted videos can only be played by using ApsaraVideo Player and cannot be played on the Web.


Live stream management

  • You can call the ForbidLiveStream operation to forbid up to 10,000 channels of live streams. If the threshold is exceeded, the operation fails.

  • You can call the ForbidLiveStream operation up to 20 times per second.


Live snapshots

  • Live snapshots can be generated only in the JPG format.


Digital rights management (DRM)

  • You cannot configure DRM by calling API operations. Instead, you must configure DRM in the ApsaraVideo Live console.

  • DRM is available only in the live center of the Singapore (Singapore) region.

  • The first time that you use the DRM feature for your domain name, you must submit a ticket to enable the feature.

  • DRM is supported only for ApsaraVideo Player V5.3.4 and later.

Submit a ticket.

Domain name management

  • You must upload a certificate for an accelerated domain name with the HTTPS secure acceleration feature enabled. The Tengine service that is used by ApsaraVideo Live is based on NGINX. Therefore, only certificates that can be read by NGINX, which are in the PEM format, are supported.



  • You can create only one script for each domain name.

Submit a ticket.

IP address blacklist and whitelist

  • IP address blacklist and whitelist support IPv6 addresses. An IPv6 address can contain only uppercase letters. Example: 2001:DB8:0:23:8:XXX:XXXC:417A or 2001:0DB8:0000:XXXX:XXXX:0800:200C:417A. You cannot shorten the representation of an IPv6 address. For example, 2001:0DB8:XXXX:XXXX:200C:417A is not supported.


Live stream transcoding

  • A regular transcoding template and a Narrowband HDTM transcoding template cannot be used at the same time. You can use only one type of transcoding template for a specific application name in each domain name.

  • Each domain name supports up to 10 concurrent transcoding streams at the same time.


If a high definition (HD) live stream is transcoded to standard definition (SD) and low definition (LD) for playback, two transcoding streams are recognized.

  • A Narrowband HDTM transcoding template cannot transcode streams by using the H.265 codec.

  • You can configure parameters in a multi-bitrate transcoding template based on your business requirements. Multi-bitrate transcoding is supported only for streaming domains of the live centers in the Singapore (Singapore), Japan (Tokyo), and Indonesia (Jakarta) regions.

Submit a ticket.

Live stream recording

  • The Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket that is used to store live recordings must reside in the same region as the live center of the domain name. Cross-region recording is not supported.

  • The VOD transcoding template group must be in the same region as the live center.

  • If one of the following conditions is met, a live stream cannot be recorded: The resolution is 4K or 8K, the bitrate of the ingested stream exceeds 25 Mbit/s, or the size of a TS segment exceeds 100 MB.


Stream pulling

  • You cannot pull streams from IPv6 addresses.

  • The following limits apply when you configure regular stream pulling:

    • You can add up to four back-to-origin URLs.

    • You can use up to 10 templates to pull streams at the same time.

    • The duration from the time when stream pulling starts to the time when stream pulling ends cannot exceed seven days.

  • You can call the AddLivePullStreamInfoConfig operation to pull live streams in the RTMP, HTTP, and FLV formats. You can call the operation up to 15 times per second.


, transcoding, time shifting, recording, snapshot capture, , and Live to VOD

  • Some features of ApsaraVideo Live are unavailable in specific regions. For more information, see Supported regions.

Submit a ticket.

Production studio

  • By default, you can create up to 50 production studio instances.

Submit a ticket.

Real-time streaming (RTS)

Take note of the following limits on audio and video decoding when you use the RTS feature for ApsaraVideo Player SDK for HTML5:

  • Videos that contain B-frames are not supported. If you play a video that contains B-frames, frame skips may occur.

  • AAC encoding is not supported. If you play a video whose audio is encoded in AAC, noises may occur.

You can perform RTS transcoding to remove the limits. For more information, see RTS transcoding.

Live stream recording

Live stream recording only supports the following encoding formats:

  • Video: H.264, HEVC, and MPEG4

  • Audio: AAC and MP3


Live stream transfer

  • You can call the SetLiveEdgeTransfer operation to configure live stream transfer. The configurations take effect on ingested streams that start after live stream transfer is configured. For more information, see SetLiveEdgeTransfer.


Push SDK

  • Push SDK download: Each version of Push SDK contains two editions. One edition applies only to the ARM architecture and supports debugging on physical devices. The other edition applies to the ARM architecture and simulators and supports debugging on physical devices and in simulators. If you want to publish your project online, you must use the edition that applies only to the ARM architecture.

  • Demo compilation: The demo runs only on physical devices. You cannot run the demo on a virtual machine.


Domain name ICP filing

Whether a domain name for CDN that is added to ApsaraVideo Live requires ICP filing depends on the acceleration region.

If the acceleration region of a domain name for CDN is global or Chinese mainland, ICP filing is required for the domain name for CDN. We recommend that you apply for an ICP number on the ICP Registration Support page.


If you want to use the stream ingest or stream pulling feature that is provided by ApsaraVideo Live in the Chinese mainland, you must complete ICP filing for the domain name of your application on the origin server, regardless of where the origin server resides.

Content moderation

The site content of domain names that are added to ApsaraVideo Live must be reviewed. The domain names for CDN that cannot be added to ApsaraVideo Live include but are not limited to the following types:

  • Domain names that cannot be accessed or contain no valid information

  • Domain names that point to the servers of pirated games

  • Domain names of websites that provide multiplayer games and card games

  • Domain names of websites for unauthorized software download

  • Domain names of websites for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending

  • Domain names of unofficial lottery websites

  • Domain names of websites of unlicensed hospitals and pharmaceuticals

  • Domain names of websites that contain illicit content, such as pornography, drugs, and gambling


  • If you use a domain name of one of the preceding types, you must bear all risks that may arise. Alibaba Cloud regularly reviews the content of domain names. If illicit content is detected from a domain name, Alibaba Cloud immediately disables or blocks the domain name. If the violation is severe, Alibaba Cloud may permanently block all domain names that belong to the Alibaba Cloud account.

  • If you add a wildcard domain name, for example, *, to ApsaraVideo Live and this domain name includes a specific domain name, for example,, that contains illicit content, ApsaraVideo Live disables the wildcard domain name *

  • If your domain name is rejected after the review, you can check the reason for the rejection on the Domain Management page in the ApsaraVideo Live console. You can modify the content based on the rejection details and submit the domain name for review again.