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mPaaS directory structure

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2021

After importing the cloud data to an mPaaS-iOS-framework-based project or an native-framework-based project, the following directory is added to the project directory:

Note: In versions 10.1.32 and above, among all the directories under MPaaS > Targets > mPaaSDemo, only APMobileFramework and mPaas are kept. If you upgrade from an earlier version, the directories and categories of the other components will no longer be generated.


Directory structure is as follows:

  1. └── MPaaS
  2. ├── mpaas_sdk.config
  3. ├── Targets
  4. | └── mPaaSDemo (Project Target name)
  5. | ├── mPaaSDemo-mPaaS-Headers.h
  6. | ├── mPaaSDemo-Prefix.pch
  7. | ├── APMobileFramework
  8. | ├── mPaas
  9. | ├── meta.config
  10. | └── yw_1222.jpg
  11. ├── Resources
  12. └── Frameworks

In the above directory:

  • mpaas_sdk.config: Information about the modules added in the current project, including version, added time, resource file, and so on, which are automatically maintained by the mPaaS plugin. Do not modify it manually.
  • mPaaSDemo-mPaaS-Headers.h: Header file of the mPaaS module that the current project depends on, which is automatically maintained by the mPaaS plugin. Do not modify it manually.
  • mPaaSDemo-Prefix.pch: The reference of pch file, automatically adding mPaaSdemo-mPaaS-Headers.h into the mPaaS module’s header file.
  • APMobileFramework: The category file managed by the lifecycle of mPaaS framework.
  • mPaas: The category file of MPaaSInterface.
  • meta.config: The cloud metadata downloaded from mPaaS console.
  • yw_1222.jpg: The security guard signature verification image generated through the base64code field in the metadata, used in mobile gateway signature verification. You can delete this image if you don’t need mobile gateway.
  • Resources & Frameworks: The mPaaS module’s resource file and binary file directory, serving as the union of mPaaS modules used by all Target in the current project. They are automatically maintained by the mPaaS plugin. Do not modify it manually.
Note: Since all Target share the same Resources & Frameworks, different Target cannot use different versions of the same module simultaneously. Do not modify these two directories. The framework added to Build Phase varies by the module selected by each Target.