The AddTemplate API creates a custom template, which includes the container information, and settings such as video and audio stream settings. If some information is not set in the template, bitstreams that are transcoded using the template do not contain such information.

Request parameters

Parameters Type Required or not Description
Action String Yes API of the action, system required parameter. Value: AddTemplate
Parameter String Yes Template name.

Up to 128 bytes.

Container String No Container.
  • JSON object. For details, see “7. Container” in “Parameters” of “Appendix.”
  • Example: {“Format”:”mp4”}
Video String No Video stream configuration.
  • JSON object. For details, see “8. Video” in “Parameters” of “Appendix.”
  • Example: {“Codec”:”H. 264”,“Profile”:”high”,“Bitrate”:”500”,“Crf”:”15”,“Width”:”256”,“Height”:”800”,“Fps”:”25”,“Gop”:”10”}
Note If the Video parameter is not set, video streams are not output after transcoding. If you want to retain the video, the Video parameter must be set.
Audio String No Audio stream configuration.
  • JSON object. For details, see “10. Audio” in “Parameters” of “Appendix.”
  • Example: {“Codec”:”aac”,“Samplerate”:”44100”,“Bitrate”:”500”,“Channels”:”2”}
Note If the Audio parameter is not set, audio streams are not output after transcoding. If you want to retain the audio, the Audio parameter must be set.
TransConfig String No General transcoding configuration.
  • JSON object. For details, see “16. TransConfig” in “Parameters” of “Appendix.”
  • Example: {“TransMode”:”onepass”}
MuxConfig String No Encapsulation configuration
  • JSON object. For details, see “17. MuxConfig” in “Parameters” of “Appendix.”
  • Example: {“Segment”:{“Duration”:”12”}}

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
Template AliyunTemplate Transcoding template


Request example
  1. 264%22%2C%22Profile%22%3A%20%22high%22%2C%20%22BitRate%22%3A%20%22500%EF%BC%8C%22CRF%22%3A%20%2215%22%2C%20%22Width%22%3A%20%22256%22%2C%22Height%22%3A%20%22800%22%2C%20%22FPS%22%3A%20%2225%22%2C%20%22GOP%22%3A%20%2210%22%20%7D&Audio=%7B%22Codec%22%3A%22aac%22%2C%22SampleRate%22%3A%2244100%22%2C%0A%22BitRate%22%3A%22500%22%2C%22Channels%22%3A%222%22%7D%0A&Action=AddTemplate&<Public parameter>

Return example

  1. <AddTemplateResponse> <RequestId>017F1B2D-2B5B-4441-ABBA-E0DC08F5AFEC</RequestId> <Template> <Id>88c6ca184c0e47098a5b665e2a126799</Id> <Name>MTS-example</Name> <Container> <Format>mp4</Format> </Container> <Video> <Codec>H. 264</Codec> <Profile>high</Profile> <Bitrate>Auto</Bitrate> <Crf>15</Crf> <Width>256</Width> <Height>800</Height> <Fps>25</Fps> <Gop>10</Gop> <Preset>lower</Preset> <ScanMode></ScanMode> <Bufsize>6000</Bufsize> <Maxrate></Maxrate> <BitrateBnd> <Max></Max> <Min></Min> </BitrateBnd> </Video> <Audio> <Codec>aac</Codec> <Samplerate>44100</Samplerate> <Bitrate>500</Bitrate> <Channels>2</Channels> </Audio> <TransConfig> <TransMode>onepass</TransMode> </TransConfig> <State>Normal</State> </Template> </AddTemplateResponse>
  1. { RequestId”:”3E767BAD-9F4C-4FC8-9FAE-E3F4A639066B”, Template”: { Id”: 88c6ca184c0e47098a5b665e2a126799”, Name”: MTS-example”, Container”: { Format”: mp4 }, Video”: { Codec”: H. 264”, Profile”: high”, Bitrate”: Auto”, Crf”: 15”, Width”: 256”, Height”: 800”, Fps”: 25”, Gop”: 10”, Preset”: lower”, ScanMode”: “”, Bufsize”: 6000”, Maxrate”: 500”, BitrateBnd”:{ Max”:””, Min”:”” } }, Audio”: { Codec”: aac”, Samplerate”: 44100”, Bitrate”: 500”, Channels”: 2 }, TransConfig”:{ TransMode”:”onepass }, State”: Normal } } }