Deletes a specified similar image library.

Operation description

Operation: DeleteImageLib
Note Deleted image libraries cannot be restored. Proceed with caution.

You can call this operation to delete a specified similar image library. For more information about how to construct an HTTP request, see Request structure. You can also select an existing HTTP request. For more information, see SDK overview.

Billing method: This operation is free of charge.

QPS limit

You can send up to 10 requests per second to call this operation by using your Alibaba Cloud account. If you send an excessive number of requests, throttling is implemented, and your business may be affected.

Request parameters

For more information about the common request parameters that must be included in all Content Moderation API requests, see Common parameters.

The following table describes the parameters in the request body.
Parameter Type Required Example Description
Id Integer Yes 2147 The primary key ID of the image library.
Note Do not set this parameter to the code of the image library.

Response parameters

For more information about common response parameters that this operation returns, see Common response parameters.


Sample requests
  "Id": 2147
Sample success responses
  "requestId": "795D8871-4889-4C0F-A8B1-C7D2B990FF61",
  "code": 200