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Alibaba Cloud DNS:Change DNS servers

Last Updated:Feb 06, 2024


To change Domain Name System (DNS) servers, you must change the names of the DNS servers on the website of your domain name registrar. In this way, your domain name can be resolved by the specified DNS servers.


You cannot configure the DNS servers of multiple vendors for domain names registered with Alibaba Cloud. When a fault occurs in some scenarios, DNS requests are still sent to the failed DNS servers. This is because the cached name server (NS) records whose time-to-live (TTL) period is 48 hours cannot be cleared in a short period of time. In addition, inconsistency between the resolution data of different vendors may lead to a fault.

Domain name that is registered with Alibaba Cloud


If your domain name is registered with Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud DNS provides DNS servers to resolve your domain name by default. If you want your domain name to be resolved by other DNS servers, such as self-built DNS servers or DNS servers provided by third-party DNS service providers, you can perform the following steps to change the DNS servers:

  1. Log on to the Domains console.

  2. On the All Domain Names tab of the Domain Names page, find the desired domain name and click Manage in the Actions column.image.png

  3. In the left-side navigation pane, click DNS Server Change. On the page that appears, click Change DNS Server.image.png

  4. Enter the names of the DNS servers that are assigned by the DNS service provider and click Confirm.image.png

Time required for the change of DNS servers to take effect

The time required for the change of DNS servers to take effect varies based on the TTL values of the cached DNS server names. The TTL specifies how long a local DNS server caches DNS server names, which is usually 48 hours.