Anti-DDoS Basic provides default protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks for Alibaba Cloud instances. Anti-DDoS Basic automatically detects attacks and cleans excessively high traffic for instances that experience flood attacks. You can cancel traffic cleaning for IP-bound assets that are in an abnormal state such as cleaning.

Background information

Cleaning refers to real-time monitoring that Anti-DDoS Basic performs on incoming data traffic of instances. Based on the monitoring result, Anti-DDoS identifies suspicious traffic such as DDoS attacks. On the premises of business continuity, Anti-DDoS Basic cleans excessively high traffic and redirects suspicious traffic from original routes to a cleaning module. Then, the cleaning module identifies and strips malicious content from suspicious traffic. After the filtering process, legitimate traffic is returned to the original routes and then forwarded to target systems.
Note You can cancel cleaning a maximum of three times a day for each account.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Basic console.
  2. On the top of the Assets page, select a region.
  3. Select the ECS, SLB, EIP (including NAT), or Others tab based on the type of cloud service for which you want to configure a cleaning threshold.
  4. In a list of instances, find an instance of which the Status is Cleaning, and click the IP of the instance.
  5. On the Instance Details page, find an entry of which the Event is Traffic Scrubbing and the End Time is empty and click Cancel cleaning in the Operation column.
    Note If no traffic scrubbing event exists, the cancel cleaning operation is unavailable.
    Cancel cleaning


The traffic cleaning operation is canceled.

What to do next

After you cancel traffic cleaning, we recommend that you increase cleaning thresholds in specific scenarios, such as scenarios with a sharp increase in traffic during large activities or promotions. This action avoids triggering traffic cleaning again. For more information, see Configure a cleaning threshold.
Note The maximum cleaning threshold for each instance of a cloud service changes based on the instance type. If the maximum cleaning threshold that you can configure cannot meet your requirements, we recommend that you upgrade the specified instance type of the cloud service.