Alibaba Cloud Dynamic Content Delivery Network (DCDN) provides safe and secure acceleration services for content and computing workloads. The initial setup for DCDN requires only a few simple steps. This topic describes how to use DCDN.

Getting started

Step 1: Activate DCDN

You need to activate DCDN before you can use it.

Activate DCDN

Step 2: Add a domain name

To use DCDN to accelerate content delivery, you need to first add a domain name. After you add a domain name, the system synchronizes the configuration of the domain name to all Alibaba Cloud points of presence (POPs).

Add a domain name

Add a CNAME record for a domain name

Step 3: Use DCDN

After you add a domain name to DCDN, you can configure an acceleration policy to accelerate content delivery. You can also enable edge computing and edge security services based on your business needs to improve business flexibility and ensure end-to-end data security.

Enable acceleration

Enable edge computing

Enable edge security