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Database Backup:Modify the backup source

Last Updated:Nov 17, 2023

If the backup source of a backup schedule does not meet your requirements, you can modify the backup source of the backup schedule. After you specify a new backup source, the backup schedule generates a task to back up data for the new backup source. This topic describes how to modify the backup source of a backup schedule.


  • The original backup source database is migrated to another environment or is no longer in use. You want to change the backup source database to another database to ensure smooth backups and business stability.

  • After testing is complete, you want to change the backup source database used in the testing to a production database. In this case, the backup source database must be consistent with the database in a production environment, and the integrity and availability of the backup of the production data must be ensured.

  • The account and password that are configured to connect to the backup source database are invalid, or the database account does not have sufficient permissions. You want to change the database account and password of the backup source database or grant permissions to the database account.

  • The tables of the backup source database change. For example, a database object is added, deleted, or modified. You want to reconfigure the backup objects.


  • A backup schedule that uses the logical backup method is created.

  • A database account is created to connect to the new backup source. The account must have the permissions to back up and restore data. For more information, see Account permissions.


  1. Log on to the Database Backup (DBS) console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Backup Schedules.

  2. On the Backup Schedules page, find the backup schedule that you want to manage and click Manage in the Actions column. The Configure Task page appears.

  3. In the Basic Information section, click Edit Backup Source and configure a new backup source. For more information about how to configure different backup source databases, see Backup and restoration overview.

  4. Click Next.

  5. On the Edit Backup Objects page, select the databases or tables that you want to back up in the Available section, add them to the Selected section, and then click Save.

  6. In the dialog box that appears, select whether to immediately start a backup task.

    • If you click OK, a full backup task starts within one minute to back up the new objects that are specified in the backup schedule.

      To minimize the impact on the backup source database, we recommend that you perform this operation during off-peak hours.

    • If you click Close, the modified configurations are saved, but the system does not immediately perform a full backup. The system performs a full backup based on the latest configurations only when a new full backup task is scheduled the next time.

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