To run an auto triggered node, you must configure a resource group for scheduling. You can select a resource group in the Resource Group section of the Properties panel for the required node.

Configure a resource group

Go to the configuration tab of a node. Click the Properties tab in the right-side navigation pane. In the Properties panel, configure the resource group for the node in the Resource Group section. Resource group
  1. Select the resource group you want to use from the Resource Group drop-down list. By default, Common scheduler resource group is selected.
    Note You can go to the Scheduling Settings tab of the Settings page to change the default resource group for node scheduling. For more information, see Configure scheduling settings.
  2. Click View Resource Usage next to the resource group to view its usage in different periods on the previous day. You can select an appropriate resource group for node scheduling based on the resource group usage.
  • If you select Common scheduler resource group, nodes may wait for resources in peak hours. We recommend that you change the scheduled time or use an exclusive resource group.
  • If the existing resource groups do not meet your requirements, click Purchase Resource Group to purchase an exclusive resource group. For more information, see Create and use an exclusive resource group for scheduling.