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Last Updated:Jun 07, 2024

Returns the check result of an extension point event to DataStudio after the extension point event is triggered and an extension checks the extension point event.


OpenAPI Explorer automatically calculates the signature value. For your convenience, we recommend that you call this operation in OpenAPI Explorer.

Authorization information

There is currently no authorization information disclosed in the API.

Request parameters


The ID of the extension. You can log on to the DataWorks console and go to the Extensions tab of the Open Platform page to view the ID.


The check status of the extension point event. Valid values:

  • OK: The event passes the check.
  • FAIL: The event fails to pass the check. You must check and handle the reported error at the earliest opportunity to ensure that your program is run as expected.
  • WARN: The event passes the check, but an alert is reported.

The summary information of the check result. The information is displayed in DataStudio. If an alert is reported or the event fails the check, you can troubleshoot errors based on the information.


The ID of the request. You can troubleshoot errors based on the ID.


Response parameters

The current API has no return parameters


Sample success responses


  "RequestId": "8abcb91f-d266-4073-b907-2ed670378ed1"

Error codes

HTTP status codeError codeError messageDescription
400InternalError.UserId.MissingAn internal system error occurred. Try again later.-
403Forbidden.AccessAccess is forbidden. Please first activate DataWorks Enterprise Edition or Flagship Edition.No permission, please authorize
429Throttling.ApiThe request for this resource has exceeded your available limit.-
429Throttling.SystemThe DataWorks system is busy. Try again later.-
429Throttling.UserYour request is too frequent. Try again later.-
500InternalError.SystemAn internal system error occurred. Try again later.-

For a list of error codes, visit the Service error codes.

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