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DataV:Workspace functions

Last Updated:Apr 27, 2023

This topic describes how to manage workspaces in DataV. Each workspace corresponds to a DataV console. You can use workspace management features of DataV to manage different projects and member permissions of different workspaces.

Go to the Workspace Management page

You can use one of the following methods to go to the Workspace Management page.

  • Log on to the console, move the pointer over Default Workspace in the upper-right corner of the console, click the drop-down list, and then select Create and Manage. The Workspace Management page appears. 工作空间新建与管理

  • Optional. Log on to the console. On the My Visualizations page, click Manage Project Quota to go to the Workspace Management page. image..png

Create a workspace

For more information, see Create a workspace.

Configure a workspace

You can modify the basic information and member management of a workspace through workspace configuration. For more information, see Configure a workspace.


Before you configure user permissions, you must add a RAM user in the RAM console. For more information, see Add a RAM user.

Delete a workspace

On the Workspaces page, move the pointer over the name of the workspace and click the image..pngicon to delete the workspace.

  • After a workspace is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Exercise caution when you perform this operation.

  • Only the administrator of the primary account has the permission to delete the workspace. Before you delete a workspace, you must delete resources in the workspace. The resources include projects, data sources, groups, and favorited widgets.


Workspace switch icon

On the Workspaces page, click a workspace in the left-side workspace list to switch to a different workspace.


Copy a project to another workspace

In the DataV console, you can perform the following steps to copy a project from a workspace to another workspace:

  1. Log on to the DataV console.
  2. On the My Visualizations page, move the pointer over the visualization application that you want to copy and click the image..pngicon.

  3. In the Copy to Workspace dialog box, select the destination workspace from the drop-down list and click OK. 拷屏页面

  4. Switch to the destination workspace and view the project that you have copied.