The Add Asset feature allows you to add visualized assets to a DataV visualization application project and configure the application style of the assets. This topic describes how to add assets in Canvas Editor.


This topic describes how to add an asset of the component type.


  1. Log on to the DataV console.
  2. On the Projects page, click Edit above the project that you created.
  3. On the Canvas Editor page, click the Supported business components icon in the upper-left corner to expand the Components list.
    In the Components section, the All Available Components section is displayed. Widgets pane
  4. On the Components page, click a component type in the left-side navigation pane and select a component to add the component to the project.
    In this example, the Arc column chart component of a is added. Add an arc column chart component
    After the asset is added, it is automatically displayed on the canvas. You can adjust the size of an asset by dragging the border of the asset; click the asset and adjust the position of the asset by dragging it with the mouse.