Database Autonomy Service (DAS) provides the real-time monitoring feature. You can use this feature to view the performance metrics of each database instance that is connected to DAS in real time. This topic provides an example to describe how to use the real-time monitoring feature. In this example, an ApsaraDB for MongoDB instance is used.


The database instance that you want to manage is connected to DAS. For more information about how to connect database instances to DAS, see Access an Alibaba Cloud database instance and Access other self-managed database instances.


  1. On the Instance Monitoring page, find the database instance that you want to manage, click Performance in the Actions column, and then click Real-time Monitoring.
  2. On the Real-time Monitoring page, you can select one of the following view modes:
    • On the Real-time Charts tab, you can view the real-time monitoring data of the instance, such as the read and write latency, queries per second (QPS), operation statistics, connection statistics, cache usage, network throughput, and queued reads and writes.
    • On the Mongostat tab, you can view the performance metrics of the instance at specific points in time.