Database Autonomy Service (DAS) provides the storage analysis feature. This feature allows you to view the storage usage of a database instance and the number of days for which the remaining storage of a database instance is available. The storage analysis feature also provides the storage information about each table in a database, such as the storage usage, information about tablespace fragments, and diagnostic reports on storage exceptions.


In the left-side navigation pane, click Storage Analysis. On the page that appears, you can click Storage Overview, Data Space, Exceptions, or Storage Trend to view the related information about your instance.
Parameter Description
Storage Overview You can view information such as the average storage usage per day within the previous seven days, the number of days for which the remaining storage is available, and the total amount of used storage.
Data Space You can view the usage of each data space and each tablespace. You can click the name of a table to view the fields and indexes of the table.
Storage Trend You can view the trends of usage of data space, used storage, log space, and temporary storage.