When your MySQL database instance generates alerts on CPU utilization surges, active session increases, or response time surges, the 10-second SQL analysis feature of Database Autonomy Service (DAS) helps you perform SQL analysis.


DAS executes the SHOW PROCESSLIST statement at 1-second intervals within a 10-second time window. Then, DAS analyzes all the returned result sets. The analysis result shows the SQL statements that are most frequently executed and whether slow SQL queries exist within the 10-second time window.

  1. Log on to the DAS console.
  2. Connect your MySQL database instance to DAS. Make sure that the database instance is in the Accessed state.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, click Instance Monitoring. On the Instance Monitoring page, find the instance on which you want to perform SQL analysis.
  4. Click the instance ID. The instance details page appears.
  5. Click Instance Sessions and then click 10s SQL Analysis.