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Data Transport:FAQ about data migration

Last Updated:Mar 19, 2024

If you want to upload dozens of terabytes or petabytes of data to the Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) but the bandwidth of the local network is low and the expansion costs are high, you can use Data Transport.

Can I migrate data from Alibaba Cloud OSS to an on-premises data center?

You can migrate data from Alibaba Cloud OSS to an on-premises data center. For more information, contact Alibaba Cloud technical support by submitting a ticket.

How much data can I transfer by using Data Transport?

You can migrate data based on your business requirements. You can select an appropriate Data Transport device based on the amount of data to be migrated. Alibaba Cloud provides you with the following three types of devices: Data Transport Micro (with a data capacity of 20 TB), Data Transport II (with a data capacity of 100 TB), and Data Transport III (with a data capacity of 1 PB). Multiple devices can be used together to migrate more data.

How long does it take to migrate data by using Data Transport devices?

Data is migrated through two 10 Gbit/s network ports. The data transmission speed depends on the read throughput of the origin server, the bandwidth of the switch, the number of files to be migrated, and the size of files. For example, the more small files, the lower the transmission speed.

What data sources are supported?

  • At the origin server, the following data sources are supported: on-premises file system, on-premises network-attached storage (NAS), and Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS).

  • At the destination server, Alibaba Cloud OSS is supported.

Can I encrypt the data during migration?

Yes, you can encrypt the data during migration.

How do I restart or shut down a Data Transport device?

You can shut down the Data Transport Micro device in the Data Transport console.

For Data Transport II and III devices, in Terminal, you can run the reboot command to restart the devices and run the poweroff command to shut down the devices.