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Data Transport:What is Data Transport?

Last Updated:Mar 18, 2024

Alibaba Cloud Data Transport is a secure, efficient, and easy-to-use data migration service. You can migrate terabytes or petabytes of on-premises data to the cloud by using customized Data Transport devices. Data Transport guarantees high efficiency and security in large-scale data transfer.

If an on-premises data center has a low bandwidth or no Internet connection, you can use a Data Transport device to migrate on-premises data to Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS).


The following figure shows the procedure of using Data Transport.



  • Flexible, scalable, and cost-effective

    • A single device can be used to migrate 20 TB, 100 TB, or 1 PB of data. Multiple devices can be used together to improve migration efficiency.

    • Compared with a connection over the Internet or an Express Connect circuit, Data Transport helps you decrease the migration cost.

  • Easy-to-deploy

    Data Transport provides professional data migration devices, standard racks, and power supplies. You can deploy multiple devices at the same time to improve migration efficiency.

  • Secure and reliable

    • Storage pool: A storage pool is built based on RAID5 and allows the failure of one disk.

    • Logon verification: A username and password are required for logon.

    • Data erasure: After data is migrated, previous data is removed by using the Alibaba Cloud data erasure technology.

Related services

In addition to the offline migration service, Alibaba Cloud also provides the online migration service. You can use the online migration service to migrate data from third-party sources such as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud to Alibaba Cloud OSS. You can also use the online migration service to flexibly migrate data between Alibaba Cloud OSS buckets. For more information, see Data Online Migration.