This tutorial describes how to migrate data from a FTP server to Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS).

Alibaba Cloud Data Transport is used as a data channel between various data stores. With Data Transport, you can migrate data from third-party data stores to OSS or between OSS buckets.

With Data Transport, you only need to log on to the console, specify a source data address and a destination OSS endpoint, and then create a migration job. After starting a migration job, you can perform management tasks for the job such as viewing the progress and status of the job. Additionally, you can generate the migration report to view the list of migrated files and the list of files that failed to migrate.

  • When you read data from the source data address during a migration job, a fee is incurred for the outbound Internet traffic. You are charged by the storage service provider of the source data address.
  • By default, Data Online Migration does not support cross-border data migration. For example, you cannot migrate data from a bucket that is deployed in the China (Beijing) region to a bucket that is deployed in the US (Silicon Valley) region. Before you create a migration job to migrate data across borders, you must submit a ticket to apply for the permissions that are required for creating cross-border migration jobs. You must commit that your business is legitimate, data transit conforms to local rules and regulations, and your data does not contain illegal information.
This tutorial includes the following topics: