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Data Online Migration:What is Data Online Migration?

Last Updated:May 19, 2022

Alibaba Cloud Data Online Migration is a data channel between different storage services. You can use Data Online Migration to migrate data from third-party sources such as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud to Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS). You can also use Data Online Migration to flexibly migrate data between Alibaba Cloud OSS and Apsara File Storage NAS.


Data Online Migration is a secure, efficient, and easy-to-use online data migration service. This service helps you migrate data from different cloud service providers to Alibaba Cloud over the Internet.

  • Supports data migration between mainstream cloud service providers and Alibaba Cloud

    • Supports data migration between different Alibaba Cloud data sources and OSS buckets. The supported data sources include HTTP or HTTPS data sources, NAS, OSS buckets in different accounts, and OSS buckets in different regions.

    • Supports data migration between multiple third-party cloud services and OSS. The supported third-party cloud services include Qiniu Cloud-Object Storage, Tencent Cloud COS, AWS S3, Azure Blob, USS, Baidu Object Storage (BOS), Kingsoft Standard Storage Service (KS3), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), UCloud US3, and HUAWEI CLOUD OBS.

  • Flexible data migration methods

    • Full migration: The system runs a full migration job for the data that is generated or modified after a specified point in time.

    • Incremental migration: The system runs migration jobs the specified number of times at the specified interval.

  • Secure and efficient data transmission methods

    • Automatic identification of migration data: The system automatically compares the data in the source with the data in the destination before the migration. If the name and size of a source file is the same as the name and size of a destination file, or if the modification time of a source file is earlier than the modification time of a destination file of the same name, the source file is skipped. This helps reduce data duplicates and data transmission costs.

    • Migration monitoring: The system monitors the status, traffic usage, and progress of each migration job in real time.

    • Migration reports: The system provides migration reports to show the result of each migration job. The result includes the success rate, number of migrated files, migrated files, verification result, number of failed files, failed files, and causes of failures.

    • Retry scheme: Retries are automatically performed after failures. You do not need to create retry jobs.

Related services

In addition to Data Online Migration, Alibaba Cloud also provides Data Transport. By using a custom Data Transport device, you can migrate terabytes or petabytes of local data to the cloud. Data Transport ensures high efficiency and security during large-scale data transfer. For more information, see Data Transport.