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Overview of data plans

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

This topic describes the features provided by the Data Plans module of Data Management Service (DMS), such as data change, data import, data export, data tracking, and database clone.


Category Feature Description
Data Changes Normal Data Modify You can update data in databases.
Lock-Free Data Modify The SQL statements for changing data are executed for a batch of data at a time based on the primary key or unique key. This allows you to update a large amount of data without affecting business.
History Data Clean You can create a scheduled task to delete historical data. Historical data will be deleted based on configured rules on a regular basis.
Programmable Object You can submit tickets to change programmable objects, such as stored procedures, triggers, functions, and views.
Data Import / You can quickly import a large amount of data to a database at a time.
Data Export SQL Result Set Export You can export SQL result sets.
Database Export You can quickly export data of databases and tables.
Data Tracking / You can parse the binlogs of the target database, query data change records, and quickly generate SQL statements for restoring data.
Test Data Generate / The system can automatically generate test data based on specified field types and rules.
Database Clone / You can replicate the schema and data of a source database or table to a destination database or table.